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Get Started Now


* For many customers having the freedom to swap out their wheels is important. All cash sales are final. Yet people who lease-to-own are able to switch out their wheels, if they’re unhappy with their selection, within the first few weeks of their agreement. For those who lease-to-own they’re also able to Trade-In and Trade-Up their RIMS at any time and we'll apply 25% of the money they paid into their previous wheel and tire package towards a new set. Rims must be in excellent condition with no bends or damage and with all center caps and screws.

* Leasing-to-own can also be advantageous for customers who don’t have all the money to pay the cash price today. By leasing, they’re able to ride out today even though they’re not able to pay in full today and with very little money out of pocket.

Keep in mind there are obvious advantages to paying in full, too. The faster you pay for your wheels and tires the less money you will spend.

What to expect if you Lease-To-Own!

  • There are no credit checks. If we’re able to verify the required documentation you provided to us then you’re approved!
  • With our Trade-In and Trade-Up Program you can exchange your rims at any time. Rims must be in excellent condition with no bends or damage and with all center caps and screws.
  • The out of pocket expense you need up front is minimal. Usually $25 to $50 is all you need to get started on most in-stock inventory.
  • Our installation and maintenance are always FREE.
  • You choose the payment plan that works for you with options ranging from 39 to 78 weeks. Pay weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.
  • We make it easy by allowing you to pay in-store, over the phone, or online.
  • You’re under no obligation. You can return your lease-to-own wheels at any time.
  • We encourage you to pay off your account early. If you go past your 120 Day Ownership Option you can pay out at any time and receive a 40% discount off the remaining lease-to-own price.