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Trade-Ins & Trade-ups

At RimTyme Custom Wheels we have an excellent RIM Trade-In and Trade-Up program. You don't have to be a RimTyme customer to qualify.

Here's how it works:

If you’re a current customer and would like to Trade-In or Trade-Up your RIMS you can do so at any time. As long as your current RIMS are in excellent shape we will be happy to apply 50% of the rent you paid on your current RIM account toward a NEW RIM lease agreement. Rims must be in excellent condition with no bends or damage and all center caps and screws. We only apply 50% of the rent paid on your RIM rental agreement. No money is applied for tires as they wear over time.

Example: You have paid $1,000 towards the rent on your current rim rental agreement. We’ll give you $500 off your new rim rental agreement. And you don't have to meet any minimums or worry about maximum limits. It doesn't matter if you’ve only paid $200 on your agreement or if you’ve paid $2,000. We’ll still apply 50% of what you paid into your current RIM rental agreement towards a NEW rim rental agreement.

If you’re not a current RimTyme customer
and would like to Trade-In your custom wheels you can do so at any time. Bring in your fully owned rims to one of our 10 RimTyme locations and we’ll determine if they qualify for our Trade-In Lease-To-Own program. First we’ll remove them from your vehicle and test them on our state of the art equipment for any defects. If they pass the test, we’ll take time off your new rim rental agreement in exchange for your rims. You’re able to pick from our entire selection of in-store stock. There are no exclusions. If it’s on our floor and you want it, you can trade-in for it. It's that easy at RimTyme Custom Wheels. Your trade-in rims must include all of the appropriate center caps, screws, inserts and attachments.

Our Trade-In Program only applies to New RIM Rental Agreements. We do not offer cash for rims.